I’ve been thinking about how everything is connected to everything else.  It’s true, EICTEE, for short.  Long before going to medical school I read Barry Commoner’s book on ecology, can’t remember the name.  But, EICTEE, stuck with me.  Its clear that it is true.  Must be a natural law.  Look at the tiniest bit of stuff and we find that electrons are fickle.  That person standing next to you on the elevator seems to be separate and distinct from you.  You’re here and they are over there.  The atoms that make up your youness are here and the atoms that make up their otherness are over there.  Right?  Of course, in terms of gross anatomy that is correct.  But we have a problem of visual acuity.
Our eyes cannot see at the atomic level.  If they could we’d see that the nuclei of the atoms that make us up are here but the electrons that orbit those nuclei are not.  Those rascals are mostly here and look, now they’re gone, over there smoozing with that stranger’s atomic nuclei.  We are them and they are us.  See it is all about ME. or..is it…….. US?